Thursday, July 14, 2016

Reunited with the Retrosnob clan*

*...well, minus dipsy sis number two, who is having a crazy adventure in the US of A with her school chums.

Since my last post, I have departed on a plane to Singapore. From there, I met my family and stayed one night in the capital, before we left for Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. We have now been here for four nights I believe? We leave KL tomorrow for a little island off the Mainland (but still part of Malaysia) called Penang, where we will be staying in a tree hut! What??? I am so excited. It already sounds like my dream home. But first, I better recap our adventures so far.

That's right, now I have to use plural pronouns, because I am no longer the sole feature of this blog. *Cries.*

In Singapore we saw Cloud Forest, which was absolutely mesmerising. There were waterfalls and tropical plants and pretty lights and crystals and everything wonderful and paradisiacal. I didn't particularly like feeling like I was in the clouds though. I'm realising I have a thing about heights - I can't be close to the edge of something, because I feel like I'm about to fall to my death.
The temperature there was muggy and sticky, but far more manageable than Bahrain. Surprisingly I didn't have even one moment of déjà vu as I did in London, even though Cantala's Europe tour in 2012 saw us in Singapore for roughly the same amount of time as the UK. I get the feeling I may have just seen a different part of the capital last time, perhaps?

Malaysia feels far more authentically Asian than Singapore. It feels less commercialised, I think is the way to put it? Day one saw us doing not much; we went for a swim in the hotel pool and then went out for dinner. Their spa pool was the same temperature as the main pool - absolute madness, and utter disappointment. The Mexican from Loco was brilliant. I had a surprisingly spicy vegetable burrito (hold the cheese successfully granted.)

Over the next few days we wandered around the mall inside the twin towers, saw Chinatown, visited the "Upside Down House", Butterfly Park (seriously lame sounding but highlight), and I even fell asleep on a tour bus...after sleeping in until 11am. I don't know how that happened.

So in typical me fashion, almost a parallel to the end of my time in London, I stayed at the hotel all day today. I went to the gym, but apart from that, I didn't even leave the apartment. I was just a bit over it. So Sophie and the parentals went out without me. I have no idea what they actually did, but Dad brought back cookies so that makes me happy.

I had no idea that we leave for Penang tomorrow until a few hours ago when it came up in conversation. I am tragically out of the loop.

P.s. Just to iron out the confusion: "Retrosnob" is an anagram for "Robertson" which I don't even know how we happened upon it but we roll with it...

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