Sunday, May 22, 2016

Kids Say the Darndest Things

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We've had quite a few birthdays in quick succession this month, and with birthdays comes celebration. With celebration, comes cake. With cake, apparently, comes vomit. Within the space of a week, two different children vomited on two different rugs in the class. (We were rugless for a while, when the rugs were being cleaned.) Oh the joys of teaching...

That said, I wanted to relay some of the funny things my students have said or done that I have recorded over the last few weeks. When we had our Crazy Hair Day (ie when I posted pictures of my pipe-cleaner strewn scalp on Facebook), one of the boys in the class had gelled and slicked his hair back. I commented that I liked his cowlick, to which he indignantly replied "No! It's a superman curl." So you kind of just roll with it and go, oh of course! Silly me...

Later that day I kept being hassled by a girl to fasten her bow, which had fallen out. Upon muttering to myself "I'm honestly the worst person to be doing this," she sighed deeply and replied: "I know."

During morning news, the same girl from the above story blurts out "Mummy likes me when I sleep properly during the night." {That was less humorous and more #relatable, because not just my mum but everyone likes me more when I sleep properly the night before.}

The next little anecdotes are just me being completely immature but I love it:

Overhearing a kid say "I'm just gonna fart in my pants; I don't care."

When practicing writing numbers phonetically, one of the girls misspelled 'six' as 'sex'.

A different girl requested a bandaid on her hurt finger, which happened to be her middle finger. All throughout the day she would bring up how her finger didn't hurt anymore now she had a bandaid and proceeded to flash the bird at me every time. (Just to clarify, it was completely innocent and she clearly had no idea what she was doing.)

I guess that was a fairly brief update, but that's because last weeks was an essay (and I lead a fairly ordinary life, so finding new things to write about is sometimes noggin-scratching.)

Hope you enjoyed my lil' stories..

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