Monday, January 25, 2016

Playground Romance

Since starting work, I've been going to bed so early. Because I have to get up at 6am every weekday morning, I have been going to bed consistently between 8-8.30pm every night, which I hadn't been doing since I was about 10 years old. It's kind of therapeutic in some weird way. Even then, I find myself almost dozing off on the car ride home at 2.30pm! What can I say? Kids take it out of you! On that note, the last few weeks have been particularly eventful. One kid wet himself two times, apparently because he was scared of one of the kids in his class who was milling around the bathroom, so he didn't go. Another kid (who I suspect may have some undiagnosed ADHD or something similar) attacked me a few times, resulting in me picking him up and holding hands together to prevent him from ripping my hair out, while he growled at me (?). On a happier, and more adorable note, two fairly withdrawn and stand-offish kids became "boyfriend and girlfriend" and they have not stopped holding hands and hugging each other in the last few days. Oh my goodness, me and the other TA have been fan-girling over the cuteness overload. (Might I add, this is the same boy who wet his pants - he's basically a lady-killer. He kept smiling at her and then looking smugly at me, like "are you jealous?")

Meanwhile, I've thrown myself head first into learning Arabic, by a combination of attending Arabic class with the students, and independent learning both online and with printed worksheets. YouTube has a plethora of resources - and the ones aimed at kids are honestly the best. The Arabic teacher starts every lesson with this song and oh my goodness it's so catchy, it's basically my anthem.

I seriously have to go to bed 8:09pm. Goodnight!


  1. So glad you taught me the word plethora. Love your aunty...

  2. So glad you taught me the word plethora. Love your aunty...