Sunday, January 10, 2016

Arabic Lunches are a Good Time

I had a great day today out with cousin Laura and baby Emily at City Centre mall. After some difficulty locating a vegan-friendly place to eat, we found an Arabic restaurant to have lunch at, and I ordered a spinach pide (Middle Eastern flatbread) off the breakfast menu. Shortly afterwards, we went to pick up Harrison from school and I got a bit of a briefing of the role I'll be filling. For the first few weeks I will be a teaching assistant in Harry's Foundation class (his dream come true) as extra help is needed there temporarily. Following this, I will be assisting in Music class, and also helping to start up a choir(s). I am extremely excited about that particular opportunity - I even brought over some of my old Cantala repertoire to illegally photocopy! I have been told next week there is a Science trip and I'll be coming along to supervise, so that should be fun.

I am already slightly jealous of the opportunities these students get from the very beginning of their education - they have specialist teachers for Music, Art, Languages and P.E. so they get a really good grounding of these subjects from age five upwards. From what I understand, all of these subjects (along with the more standard subjects such as English, Maths, Science) are compulsory, and students choose out of either French or Arabic to learn as a second language. In particular, I am jealous of the music programme the kids are exposed to - in comparison, I didn't to start my music education until high school, and now it's a passion I wish I could have begun pursuing earlier.

Back-tracking a few days, I finished editing my travel vlog! Take a look if you're interested, it's nice and short. And I'm in it, so what could be better?

Until next time!

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  1. That was great Abby - thanks for all the info - even the minor details are fascinating... Looking forward to the next update