Friday, January 8, 2016

A Scottish Child and a Tofu Breakfast

Howdy y'all, so I'm now at Dubai International Airport, eagerly awaiting my third and final flight which will take me to Bahrain. This one should be fairly easy, it's only 1 hour. My Sydney to Dubai flight however, was a gruelling 14 hours long. To my great delight, I was seated next to an adorable kid, maybe 9 or 10 years old, with a thick Scottish accent (I think). The first thing I remember her saying, somewhat exasperated was "I can't believe they don't provide you with a hairbrush!" Early on in the flight she accidentally fell asleep on me so that was kind of a great ice breaker I suppose. All the while, her father (I assume?) was trying to wake her up and saying, you can't lie on the lady. I assured him that I really didn't mind. Towards the end of the flight I was helping her with Four Pics One Word on her iPad. On my other side, I was seated next to a weedy middle aged man who someone assumed was my father. When we eventually began a conversation I discovered that he was a New Zealander too, and he studied at Victoria University.

What else happened? Oh yeah, the tofu breakfast. Unexpected, but satisfactory. Tasted like it sounds. The dude I was sitting next to had the closest aisle seat, and unfortunately, he was asleep for about 3/4 of the flight (or so it would seem). This proved to be horrific when I needed to get up out of my seat for the toilet. I somehow managed to climb over his legs without disturbing him, on three separate occasions.

Apologies for the painfully boring updates so far. Excitement to come, I promise.

Boarding now for Bahrain, gotta run!


  1. This one didn't get a separate email link so I only just saw it - really enjoying the updates - thanks abs

    1. I'm assuming this is Mum? Your username shows as Scrabblegirl. Good to hear! I'll try to keep them regular.